He Is Not Safe. However – He Is Good

Well. 3 weeks into blogging and I am already behind. That’s ok. Life happens. That’s where blog posts come from, so I’ve heard. From life happening. 😉

Last week while life was happening, the 30th marked 2 years since my mister asked me to marry him. The proposal was adorable.

While I didn’t know it at the time, as the day went on almost anything that could have gone wrong did. Parents almost gave it away. I almost discovered the ring box TWICE (maybe three times?). He was nervous. And (here comes my favorite part) the ring was the wrong size. ^_^

Just days before we had gone to dinner and I was wearing a ring with my birthstone on my left ring finger. He was playing with it and oh-so-casually (riiiiggghht?) asked my ring size “it’s 6 right?” “It’s 7”.

I saw the tiniest bit of hesitation in his face but he recovered and moved on and of course I didn’t question it. Who wants to open that can of worms right? I wish I could have seen what was going on in his brain…

7. Not 6. 7. The ring I bought is a 6. Too small. I’ll have to get it resized. When am I gonna have time to get it resized?…

Fast forward to proposal day: he has NOT had time to get it resized.

That’s ok. I still said yes. 😉

I will probably never forget what he said to me as he was slipping the sparkly halo on my finger and it only made it about half way.

He said he was sorry and we’d get it fixed but he wanted me to see it this way:

Not everything in our marriage is going to “fit” perfectly, all the time. But as long as we are trusting Jesus, He is going to take care of it (whatever it is) and He is going to take care of us.

My husband is right. If I were to talley up the things we’ve been through in our married life so far I would tell you that we’ve had plenty of fun times almost as many not so fun times and just 1 deeper hurting time. Right now we are in our first “fork in the road” as a married couple. Life is filled with forks – though I prefer the kind you eat with. 😉 My husband is the brave one, but for me sometimse it’s a little scary. And while we wish the decision making process was easier (and sometimes faster!) one thing remains: God is good. He can always be trusted. I know that as long as my husband and I follow His lead. We’ll be ok. Things don’t always feel “safe” and “comfortable” and “fluffy”. Sometimes even the things Jesus would ask of us. It reminds me of a line from one of the Chronicles of Narnia movies (C.S. Lewis wrote the books) when talking about Aslan:

“He is not safe. However – He is good. He is King.”

That’s my Jesus. There are plenty of times He says/does things that my finite little human brain CANNOT figure out. But Jesus is so much bigger than me.

“I am not afraid of being small enough to fit inside His hand.”

wedding ringsThis photo was taken by my wonderful friend and wedding photography Joanne Cox. You can find her on Facebook and her blog Always Love

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