Story Telling

Well hi there!
Happy Saturday people! Merry almost Christmas!! Who’s excited about this time of year because I certainly am! But that’s not what today’s post is about. 🙂

I’ve been super crazy and by the time I realize I’m in a writing mood I turn on the laptop and log in and then I get distracted with cuddling the mister on the couch and watching tv. (I can hear all the pro bloggers saying I need to schedule my posts. I know. I’m working on it ;]) It is my personal conviction that cold weather was made for cuddles. TV and cuddles does not require brain power. So. I apologize for anyone who was missing my posts. Not that I think I’m a big deal cuz I’m not :). Speaking of tv — who’s watching The Blacklist? Did you die with me at that last episode? :p excited for January. AND I can’t wait for Jack Bauer to come back too 😉


As I continue on this blogging journey you will notice I post about things I love. Some more than others. One of these lovely things is photography. I have a thing for memories. Nostalgia. The good old days. Remember when. Not because I’m a bitter past-dweller, but rather because a lot of those memories are sweet moments that will never repeat. Can’t get them back. Ever. Can’t beat my wedding day. Can’t beat the times I’ve spent with my sisters. I will never get those random pho dates with my dad back. The conversations with my mom that whether or not I knew it then I was learning from her. Taco Bell with Abuelita cuz she thinks it’s the best Mexican place ever (she’s Costa Rican – I don’t get it!). Can’t outdo the day I met and surrendered to Jesus.

To me, photography has a beautiful way of freezing some of those oh so precious moments that are gone so quickly. Photographs tell stories. Take this photo, for example:

Photo Dec 20, 10 23 33 AM

Ok so it’s more humorous thatn “Beautiful” but that’s ok it’s still a great photo.  I know because it’s 3 years old and EVERY year gets a couple comments on facebook haha…(p.s. you may recognize his face from this post)

This is not just a photo of a young man with shaving cream (?) on his face. This story (for me) isn’t even really about just him. It’s also about the gal behind him. And all the other lovely faces in the room that aren’t even in this photo. This photo represents a vibrant group of late teen – 20something year olds who loved Jesus, loved eachother and welcomed me into their little family. We called it D101. I made the drive from Santa Fe Springs to Rowland Heights for these people (they always said it was a long drive but I didn’t mind). We had bible study and then would go eat. They introduced me to cards games called mafia and wonderful places called Yogurt Land and Banana Bay. They were the only friends I would be out passed midnight (we’re talkin like 3am here), the only group my parents had never met and yet never questioned them. Maybe they knew I came alive when I was with them. Don’t get me wrong I love all my friends but this group allowed me to experience friendship and the love of Jesus like I hadn’t before. 🙂 This group probably deserves their own blog post, they are amazing to me. ❤

20131220-191249.jpg(*^that is from pinterest. not mine)

The story (besides that one^) that I’ll share with you is about Ryan. And Julia. Ryan and Julia are adorable newlyweds. They met in November of 2005 in a store Julia used to work at. They started dating in January of 2006 and He proposed at one of her favorite places – his parents house in Wisconsin on March 12, 2012. They are similar in that they like the color blue and the Pittsburgh Steelers. But they are opposites in that he likes action movies and she loves Disney. (Maybe that’s why I like them so much. I’ll watch Disney any time!). Even though they don’t always like the same things they do try to meet in the middle and try something new, and while nights out are fun they’re more likely to have a date night in. The memory of Ryan’s proposal is cute and funny. Julia shared with me that they were going to dinner with his parents and he was nervous because he felt he wasn’t dressed right and she even teased him asking if he was trying to impress someone. :p She told me she had four treats in her hand when Ryan got on his knee and asked…
“Will you marry me?”
Shocked, Julia drops a treat and says “I lost a treat”
Ryan laughs “well..?”
“Well of course!”

She cracked me up when she told me about her treats. She said it wasn’t supposed to be funny but it was. That’s how life is. Lots of fun stuff happens. ❤

They were married on October 26th 2013. For various reasons their original plans didn’t include a photographer. I am the wedding hostess where I work (that’s how I met them) and the more I got to know them the more I really wanted to do their photos. So I offered to do it as a gift (and along with my gift gave them a disclaimer as I’m new to photography and sometimes not sure what time doing!). Julia loved the photos I had done on a pervious blog post and they let me have the honor of documenting their day. I had so much fun with them. And I’m happy they’ve allowed me to share a few of my favorite moments here.

Photo Oct 26, 4 16 36 PM

Photo Oct 26, 4 09 50 PM

Photo Oct 26, 4 09 31 PM

Photo Oct 26, 6 32 13 PM

Photo Oct 26, 4 49 50 PM

Photo Oct 26, 5 35 47 PM

Photo Oct 26, 6 48 27 PM

Photo Oct 26, 6 49 45 PM

Photo Oct 26, 6 51 03 PM

Photo Oct 26, 6 54 20 PM

Happy ever after. ❤

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