Merry After Christmas

Well. There you have it. Another Christmas is over.

I had a million things I wanted to share with you in this post. But it’s just so, so very much. So I will say this:

Once upon a time. My world was dark. I had no hope. Doomed to an eternal death if left to my own devices. Jesus came. And everything changed. If Jesus, had decided to not come down to earth and intervene, I would be lost.

I realize what a difficult topic this is for so many people because there are so many different beliefs out there and I hate to rock the boat, but sometimes the truth isn’t comfortable. The story of Jesus is true.

The truth is we were created by God. He created the world without sin. Without bad things. When sin entered, so did death, as that is the payment for sin. This is uncomfortable because no one wants to suffer. No one wants to die. But no one wants to be accountable to God either.

Jesus being born altered history. Christmas, as I know it, is a life changer. His birth is celebrated before His death and resurrection, and that is why it’s so special to me. His birth alone gave us something to hope for.

I can sit here and type about how much Jesus loves you and how much you need Him and how much you are wanted by Him until my fingers bleed. But I know for some reading this it’ll do no good. My heart aches for you. You don’t know Life. And you won’t until you let Him in.

When the “magic” of Christmas is put away and the decorations are gone and the tree is towed away in the trash and the surprise gifts are gone – what is left? For me, I still have excitement. The story doesn’t end at the manger scene. That’s where it begins.

The Christmas season is just a season. Like any season it doesn’t last long, but the hope it carries is something so much more powerful. The hope of Jesus is bigger than anything you will ever face. My prayer for you is that this hope will come alive in you. Not an emotional imitation of the “magic of Christmas” but a real, living and breathing closeness to the One who made you. He gives strength to the weary and fills the empty soul and gives it life and purpose.

May your days be merry and bright. And may He fill your “after Christmasses” with Life.


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