Thief of Dreams

While Cinderella was never one of my most favorite Disney movies I have always liked that phrase.

“a dream is a wish your heart makes…”

Well. This originally started out as just a quick mobile post. Next thing I know it’s a regular post and then I was off to camp and didn’t get to finish it kind of post! 🙂 Anyway —  I was up late a few nights ago thinking. And evaluating. And re-evaluating. Various things. And I’ll probably be doing this for a bit. And that’s ok. I think I’m in that season of change before the actual change. The calm before the storm. Whatever you want to call it :). I don’t even know if any of that made sense. And that’s ok. Having said that, I sent this text to my buddy:

“I have a terrifyingly huge and possibly impossible goal. Want to hear it? Well I’ll tell you before I change my mind and hide it in a closet…”

It’s hard for me to “speak” a goal or anything remotely committing me to something I’m not sure I can finish. Not because I don’t want to finish, I’m just afraid I won’t. I’m pretty sure I’m not alone when I say I’m afraid of failure. Maybe it’s the cynic in me as I briefly mentioned in my last post. I dunno.

“Speaking it”, at least to me, makes it more than just an idea. Almost makes it real. More than just a thought buried in the closet of my mind. And it’s a guaranteed ticket out of my comfort zone. And who doesn’t like to be comfortable? Ugh. But it’s too late. You said it. Keep your word and do it.


Then the “what ifs” come.

What if I can’t? What if I totally mess it up? What if it’s too big? What if I’m not the right person for it? What if I’m not ready right now? What if I’m not ready ever? “What if the sky turns to fire and your nose falls off?” Thank you, Grandmother Willow. Thank you. 🙂

What if you’re wrong?

Maybe we’re not ready for it (whatever your “it” is). That’s ok. If we were always ready for whatever life throws at us we wouldn’t be driven to depend on Jesus. And it is of the utmost importance to depend on Jesus as He is the Giver of and Director of our dreams and knows what’s best for us.


“What-ifs” are the thief of dreams. It is best to trust the Giver as He is so much BIGGER than all the “what ifs” in the world.

Let’s make that the first goal. New year resolution or not that’s something to be worked on ALL. The. Time. 🙂 ♥ Trust. Jesus can always, always be trusted and He is always faithful.

Next thing.

Speak your goals. What do you want to do? What has Jesus told you to do? Or not do? How are you accomplishing it? Maybe you don’t know how to accomplish it, that’s ok make a plan! ^_^ At the end of my last post I invited readers to share. Granted, I don’t have a million people reading but if this post encourages just one person I’ll be happy. So ways to share are listed below this post too. 🙂 Maybe you don’t want it all over the internet! Send me a message on Facebook. Or use the contact form. I’d love to hear from you. I’ll pray for you! I want to see you do well!!

Let’s do this! 🙂 **insert party streamers**


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